The hosting included with Clickommerce is fast, reliable and scaleable

We don't suspend websites with huge volumes of traffic.
Clickommerce Hosting is fully scaleable

Each e-mail account has a 1GB capacity. E-Mail can be accessed through POP3, IMAP or Webmail through any browser

Your hosting package can easily be managed through the Clickommerce Account Management Centre which is included with all our services.

An unlimited number of domains can point to your website. You can order additional domains or point existing domains through our Account Management Centre. We offer all the main domain extensions including .com .net .org .eu and .mobi.
All additional domain names cost £9.99

Security is a priority: customer information is stored in a database on a separate dedicated database server.

If you have our e-commerce package, the ordering process of your store and the entire administration panel is protected by Geotrust 128 bit Secure Sockets Layer which sets-up a secure encrypted connection between our server and the user and ensures that all customer information is kept secure in transit across the internet.

Servers are protected by strict 24/7 security, the data centre can only be accessed through airlocks

Firewalls, anti-virus software and automatic updates keep the servers secure

Daily backups are performed by both us and the hosting company

150+ permanently recording CCTV cameras within the data centre

State-of-the-art high performance coolers keep servers and network equipment cool

Back-up generators, multiple hard drives performing in fail-safe RAID modes, large UPS units and dual routers keep your website running fast and reliably

16-cylinder diesel generators producing a total output of 1800kW supply reliable, constant power to the data centre if the power is down

High-end reliable Cisco and Juniper routers handle traffic in and out of the data centre

25 GBit connectivity to the data centre in which the Clickommerce server is located, high speed direct fibre-optic links to many internet server providers all over the world.

The server is located in Europe which ensures the highest possible website loading speed to your main audience.